quote-startRob is a most knowledgeable and pleasant computer expert.  He has visited my house on several occasions, and solved problems quickly, which is a relief to someone like me who literally lives on his computer.  His amiable manner combined with his expertise and speed is all one could ask for.
Victor Falk

quote-startIn my experience Rob is a valuable professional, organized and very precise. He is a real support and I really appreciate his easy-to-understand training approach.
Olga Motolese

quote-startRob is a real problem solver, and a very patient person.  Whenever I’ve contacted him about whichever obstacle or problem, he has answered with a smile and he’s done everything he could to make my work easier by finding solutions I wasn’t able to fix.  It’s such a joy to work with someone with those qualities, that I almost want to invent problems (no, Rob, I’m just kidding!) Rob, thank you!
Jessie V

quote-startI have had several problems with my PC, including difficulties with spreadsheets, and Rob has been able to sort me out quickly and easily each time.
Lynne B

quote-startWhen I first met Rob, I immediately found out that he was this type of person who can easily explain things to people, in a very comprehensive way: Robert is born a trainer!
Christopher Fleming

quote-startApproachable, patient and easy to get on with, his experience and breadth of knowledge is excellent, but even more impressive is his ability to get his point across (both written and verbally).
George Smith

quote-startRob’s vast experience and great know-how has proved to be very supportive in critical situations.  He is very efficient under stress and time pressure and a great personality to work with – patient, understanding, focused, accurate, optimistic. Due to Rob’s many years of business experience, he is also a great help in terms of training.
Olga Leoniak

quote-startI am very happy with the work Rob has done for me.  He is friendly and approaches the problems in a very professional way.  I also feel that I have learnt about my PC from him which is a great help.
From a satisfied customer.
Mary Pridham